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Fielding Short Hops Drill

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This baseball infield drill focuses on fielding short-hop ground balls and helps players learn to properly judge short-hoppers.

Baseball, Fielding, Ground Balls, Short Hops Drill

Basketball Drill Diagram: Fielding Short Hops Drill



Have each infield player partner up in groups of two.  Have each partner face each other 3 to 5 yards apart.  Each pair needs a ball.



Have players get into "baseball ready" stance.  (Knees bent, butt down, hands in front/middle of body).  One partner tosses a short hop in front of their partner about a foot in front of them.  Partner should field the ball and repeat to other partner.


  • If players cannot properly throw short-hops, line up players and have the coach throw to each player.

Coaching Points

  • Catch ball out in front of their body
  • Ball under glove
  • Head down on ball

Soccer Drill Titled: Fielding Short Hops Drill
Tagged: Baseball, Fielding, Ground Balls, Short Hops Drill
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