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Fielding side-to-side movement

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Focuses on fielding for infield players.  Helps develop quick, explosive lateral movement while working on proper infield fielding technique.

Baseball Fielding, Infield, Fielding Side-to-Side Movement, Lateral Movement Drill

Basketball Drill Diagram: Fielding side-to-side movement



With a group of 1-18 infielders in the infield dirt, have the player start by facing the coach.  Start this fielding drill as a simulation drill, so no balls will be required at the beginning. After few minutues of the simulated drill, have 1 player at a time field 10 balls per side as the coach throws to the player.  Player returns the throw to the coach.



On the coaches command, have the players take a small step towards the coach (which should occur before the pitch.)  This step will help players get balacned and ready to react to the hit.  The first step opens up and the next step is a crossover.  Have the player simulate fielding the ball on both sides of body; taking a step, and simulate a return throw to the coach.  Players should repeat 15 times each side for 3 sets.


  • Have players throw grounders (right and left) to their partner.

Coaching Points

  • Keep eye on ball
  • Good quick lateral movement
  • Keep head behind glove
  • Good low posture with weight on foot/leg closest to ball

Soccer Drill Titled: Fielding side-to-side movement
Tagged: Baseball Fielding, Infield, Fielding Side-to-Side Movement, Lateral Movement Drill
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