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Ground Ball Drill

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The objective of this drill is to teach good fielding techniques when catching ground balls in the infield. This drill is great for young players all the way up to high school players.

Ground ball, fielding, backhands

Basketball Drill Diagram: Ground Ball Drill



The drill can be practiced any where there is a large open area. It is preferred that the drill be practiced on the infield dirt. This drill can be executed with 2 or more players. The players will line up around the infield dirt in pairs of two. One player needs to be on the back of the infield dirt while the other is positioned at the front of the infield dirt. Each set of two needs one ball. 



The player that has the ball will throw a ground ball to the player across from them. After fielding the ball the player then throws a grounder back to the other person. The drill is best performed in stages. Stage 1 consists of throwing the ball on the ground directly in front of the other person. Stage 2 consists of throwing the ball to one side or the other of the fielding in front of you to practice back hands. Stage 3 consists of throwing the ball to where it bounces right in front of the player; this is called a short hop. The stages can also be mixed with gradually moving the players back during each stage and bring the back closer at the beginning of the next stage.


The drill can be made into a game by keeping track of the amount of errors of each group and rewarding the group with the least amount of errors.

Coaching Points

  • The coach should emphasize the use of two hands when fielding the ground balls
  • When backhanding a ground ball the player should be catching the ball when it is on its way up after bouncing off the ground. The player’s glove should also follow the same upward trajectory of the ball.
  • The coach should keep the players from lunging at the ball with their glove.
  • The coach can also teach the players how to charge the ball during stage 1 when the balls are rolled straight in front of the player.

Soccer Drill Titled: Ground Ball Drill
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