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Hitting Off a Tee

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The objective of this drill is to practice hand eye coordination by hitting off of a stationary tee. Hitting of a tee is an exercise that is good for all ages. This drill is even popular amongst high school and college teams.

Hitting, Tee, and Batting

Basketball Drill Diagram: Hitting Off a Tee



This drill can be executed with any amount of players. A minimum of one tee and 10 baseballs is suggested for this drill. The tee shall be placed in front of a tall fence. The coach will sit across the batter that is hitting into the fence.



The players will rotate hitting off of the tee. After a ball is hit the coach sitting across from the batter will place another ball on the tee. The tee can be placed in different positions of the batters stance as to give the batter the feeling of hitting inside pitches or outside pitches.


If the team has more than one tee, groups can be set up.

Coaching Points

  • The coach should emphasize making contact with the ball and not hitting the tee.
  • The ball should fly off the tee straight into the fence about the same height as the tee.

Soccer Drill Titled: Hitting Off a Tee
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