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Infield Fielding Warm-Up

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Great baseball warm up drill that focuses on infield fielding and gets players comfortable throwing to all bases.

Infield Fielding Warm-Up

Basketball Drill Diagram: Infield Fielding Warm-Up



Set up your infield excluding your pitcher.  The coach should be the batter with a supply of balls.  You will have 3 sets of directions of which each will be run for about 4 minutes each.



1st Set -  Coach hits ball to the short stop who throws to 1st base.  Next the coach will hit to 2nd baseman    who touches 2nd base and throws to 1st base.  Last the coach hits to 3rd baseman who throws to the catcher at home plate.

2nd Set -  Coach hits to short stop who attempts double play to 2nd base who throws to 1st base.  Next hit to 2nd baseman who throws home to catcher.  Last hit to 3rd baseman who throws to 1st base.

3rd Set -  Hit to the short stop who throws home.  Next, play to 2nd baseman who throws to 1st.  Last hit a short ball to the 3rd baseman who must charge to the ball and throw to short stop at 3rd base. 



Coaching Points

  • Infielders attack the ball
  • Handle ground balls with ease/care
  • Good accurate throws
  • After fielding the ball get to throwing position quickly

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