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Kneeling Throwing Drill

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This pitching and throwing drill will focus on proper throwing mehcanics such as grip, arm movements, the release and  upper torso moements

Kneeling Throwing, Baseball Throwing Drill, How to Throw a Baseball, throwing mechanics

Basketball Drill Diagram: Kneeling Throwing Drill



Partner up players with one ball each group. Have partners take a knee (one knee) about 10 yards apart.



Players should throw the ball back and forth focusing on grip, arm movements, upper torso movements, and the release.

  1. Ball should come from the glove downwards past hip with grip in front of the ball.
  2. Arm should extend behind the body as if they are putting the ball on a shelf behind their head high.
  3. Non-throwing shoulder should be pointed at the target.
  4. As the arm comes forward the arm should have a smooth rythem.
  5. Proper follow through with wrist down and hand hooked somewhat towards the ground



  • Change distance if necessary

Coaching Points

  • Focus on grip
  • Proper arm and body movements
  • Good release

Soccer Drill Titled: Kneeling Throwing Drill
Tagged: Kneeling Throwing, Baseball Throwing Drill, How to Throw a Baseball, throwing mechanics
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