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One handed fielding drill

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This baseball infield drill is great for working on footwork, body position, glove position, and head position when fielding ground balls in the infield.

Baseball, Fielding, Infield Fielding Drill, One Handed Fielding Drill

Basketball Drill Diagram: One handed fielding drill



Set up the infielders in their positions excluding the pitcher.



The fielders start with their non-glove hand behind their back.  This will cause the fielder to move feet properly to get positioned behind the flight of the ball in order to properly field the ball.  Ball should be returned to the catcher.  Add a 2nd hitter to make drill run faster for more reps.



Coaching Points

  • Good quick footwork aligning body behind ball
  • If slow roller make sure players attck ball
  • Get glove under the ball
  • Keep head down

Soccer Drill Titled: One handed fielding drill
Tagged: Baseball, Fielding, Infield Fielding Drill, One Handed Fielding Drill
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