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Relay Game

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The objective of this outfield and fielding drill is to practice a relay from the outfield to the infield. This drill can be setup into a game to make it more appealing to a younger team. The drill works on the mechanics of throwing to a cut-off man and receiving a throw as the cut-off man.

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Basketball Drill Diagram: Relay Game



This drill can be executed with 4 or more players. Position the players in a line of about 4 or 5 players spaced 20 to 40 yards apart.  More than one line can be formed.  The player on one end of the line will be given the ball.



Tell the players the objective is to throw the ball to the glove side of the player in front of them.  The player catching the ball will then catch the ball and throw to the next player in the line using one fluid motion.  The end player will catch the ball and turn 180 degrees in the direction of the player’s catching hand and then throw the ball back to the player that just threw the ball.  The figure demonstrates the drill with right handed players.  The arrows indicate the direction and the side of the player the ball should be thrown to for right handed players.  The side the ball will be thrown to will be opposite for left hander players.

If the ball is overthrown, the ball must return to the player that threw the ball before it can proceed down the line.  The drill can be made into a fun game by forming more than one relay line and having the players race by throwing the ball down the line and back 3 times.  The team that completes the 3 relay lines wins.  Have the players in the line rotate to have a different player on the end after each game.


After each game the players can be instructed to move apart 5 yards. 

Coaching Points

  • The coach should emphasize aiming at the glove side of the person in front of them.  This allows that person to easily turn and throw without having to reach across their body to catch the ball. 
  • The person catching the ball can also move while the ball is in the air to catch the ball on the glove side or catch the ball at the height of a bounce.
  • For more experienced players, the person catching the ball should also be slightly moving forward to give momentum to throw the ball to the next person. 


Soccer Drill Titled: Relay Game
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