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Seated Throwing Drill

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This baseball throwing/pitching drill will help focus on the proper throwing technique in the grip and arm, wrist, and arm follow through.

Seated throwing drill

Basketball Drill Diagram: Seated Throwing Drill



Have the team split into partners with a ball with each set.  Players should sit indian style (crossed legged) about 10 feet from their partner.



Partners should thrown the ball back and forth using the proper grip and arm movements.

  • Grip -  Index and Middle finger behind the ball through the release.
  • Movement - Throwing hand above head level, elbow shoulder level, forearm and hand should face partner.
  • Release - Follow through with arm and wrist should be flexed down.



  • Changer distance if necessary

Coaching Points

  • Focus on proper grip, arm movements and release.

Soccer Drill Titled: Seated Throwing Drill
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