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Simplified Bunting Drill

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The objective of this baseball bunting drill is to teach the player the fundamentals of “squaring around “to bunt and making contact. The batter will learn the proper mechanics to successfully bunt the ball on the ground and advance to first base.

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Basketball Drill Diagram: Simplified Bunting Drill



The drill can be executed with a minimum of 3 players and a coach. The coach will be positioned on the mound or slightly in front of the mound. One player will be positioned halfway between third base and home plate. Another player will be positioned halfway between first base and home plate. A player will be positioned in the batter’s box in the normal batting stance. The rest of the players can form a line behind each of the 3rd baseman, 1st baseman, and the batter. 



The coach/pitcher will throw the ball and the batter will square around to bunt the ball after the pitch has been delivered. The batter will run to first base after the ball has been bunted. The 3rd baseman or 1st baseman is responsible for fielding the ball and returning to the pitcher. This drill is intended to move at a fast pace; therefore, the next batter should be getting ready in the batter’s box while the previous player is running to first base.


The coach can practice the squeeze bunt (a must bunt while the runner is stealing home) by pitching outside the strike zone. The batter must be told that this is a squeeze bunt and must make contact. The coach can also teach the left and right handed batters to drag bunt from the left side of the plate. This allows the runner to reach first base quicker than bunting from the right side and having to run the few extra steps.

Coaching Points

For younger players the emphasis is put on making contact with the ball without popping it up.  For more advanced players, the coach can teach the players to bunt the ball down the 1st base or 3rd base line making it harder for a fielder to throw out the batter.  Make sure the player is not lunging at the ball and they are letting the ball come to the bat.  An emphasis needs to be placed on leaving the box right after contact is made but not too early as to miss the ball.

Soccer Drill Titled: Simplified Bunting Drill
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