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Softhands Drill

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The objective of this drill is to teach an infielder how to properly use two hands when fielding a ground ball.

Softhands, Practicing Two Hands

Basketball Drill Diagram: Softhands Drill



This drill can be executed with 2 or more players.  Each player will need a special training device like the one pictured above.  The trainer can either be bought or inexpensively made from a board and a strap on the back of the board.  The players will line up around the infield dirt in pairs of two.  One player needs to be on the back of the infield dirt while the other is positioned at the front of the infield dirt.  Each set of two needs one ball.  The drill can be executed with one trainer glove by forming two lines and rotating the two fielders



The players are to field grounders using the glove trainer and their other hand.  The two players facing each other will bounce each other ground balls.  It is better if the ball leaves the ground about a foot when rolled to the other player.  When the ball approaches them they will need to follow the motion of the ball with the glove trainer so that the ball does bounce off the trainer glove.  This gives rise to the term “soft hands” since the fielder is moving the trainer glove with the ball.  The other hand is used to contain the ball on the trainer glove.  Basically, the fielder wants to try to softly move the trainer glove under the ball and use their other hand to stop the ball on top of the trainer glove. 


The pair of two players can start 5 yards apart and move one step back after 4 successful ground balls.

Coaching Points

  • The coach should emphasize putting the palm of the top hand on the back of the trainer glove so the ball does not escape between the trainer glove and the top hand. 
  • The players should not lunge at the ball since this will cause the ball to bounce off of the trainer glove resulting in an error.
  • At the point at which the player catches the ball, the trainer glove and the player’s top hand should be moving in same direction as the ball.  This is usually from the ground toward the player’s stomach.   Doing this will allow the player to have “soft hands” when catching ground balls.
  • The trainer glove should be angled almost parallel to the path the ball is traveling.


Soccer Drill Titled: Softhands Drill
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