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Accuracy Throwing during Rundowns

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This baseball throwing drill will focus on accuracy throwing during a rundown play.  This drill can be altered to focus on throwing accuracy or baserunning.

Baseball, Accuracy Throwing, Rundowns

Basketball Drill Diagram: Accuracy Throwing during Rundowns



Have a base runner at 1st and 3rd.  Evenly divide players into 4 lines behind each base.  The players at 1st and 3rd start with the ball.



The runner attemps to run from base to base without being tagged.  Throwing players throw to the opposite line and move the back of that line.  Throwers can also run the runner back towards the base he started at before making the throw.  Have players communicate and ask for the throw. 1st and 2nd baselines is one group where 2nd and 3rd base lines are a seperate group


Coaching Points

  • Try to keep the number of throws to no more than 2 throws before tagging the runner.
  • Minimize number of throws between tags.

Soccer Drill Titled: Accuracy Throwing during Rundowns
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