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Stay Low Baserunning

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In baseball baserunning, it is critical to get a good quick start when running bases. The key to a quickness off the bag is to stay low for your first 5-6 steps. See how to improve your baserunning by staying low.

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Basketball Drill Diagram: Stay Low Baserunning



Start by having the baserunner start with one foot on first base bag. The coach should stand approximately 3-4 steps away from the runner on the baseline. The coach should hold his arm up about shoulder high to the player. It will be up to the player to get a good quick low start and should not stand upright until after passing under the coaches out stretched arm.



On the coach's command, the player should sprint towards 2nd base keeping their body low until after they have passed under the coach's arm. The key is for the player to stay low attempting to mimic a runner coming off the starting block in a race.


Have two coach's extend their arms 3 steps form the player and 6 steps from the player to make sure they are staying low the entire time.

Coaching Points

Make sure the player stays low.

Quick burst of speed while baserunning.

Player should hit full speed by his 5th step.

Soccer Drill Titled: Stay Low Baserunning
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