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Stealing Base

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For older baseball players, it is crucial to steal bases. Stealing bases keeps the batting teams out of double plays, helps advance runners to scoring position, and puts pressure on the defense. This drill will help you coach your kids into stealing bases consistently.

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Basketball Drill Diagram: Stealing Base



To learn to steal effectively, players and coaches should find pitcher's tendencies. Pitcher's typically have a routine they follow before each pitch. Keeping a close eye on the pitcher will help players and coaches know when the right time is to steal a base.

Set up your team 's infield and start your base runner from 1st or 2nd base.



Have the players watch the pitcher for their tendencies. Make sure the player gets a good lead off from the back side of the bag. When the pitcher winds up to throw the pitch, the player should cross over with their left foot and drive off of the right foot. The base runner should stay low and explode off of the bag. After the 4th or 5th step, the stealing base runner should look in at the batter to see whether the ball is hit. If so, the base runner should react to the hit. If not, the base runner should continue to steal the base. Instruct the stealing base runner to ALWAYS SLIDE using proper sliding techniques.



Coaching Points

  • Baserunner should stay low
  • Explode off the bag.
  • Watch for hit ball after 4th or 5th step.
  • react to hit ball.
  • steal base if not hit
  • slide into base

Soccer Drill Titled: Stealing Base
Tagged: baseball stealing bases, base stealing, steal base, baserunning, baseball steals
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