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Catcher Quick Hands Drill

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This is a great catcher's drill that works on quick throwing mechanics to get the ball out of the glove and make a throw quickly and accurately.

Catcher quick hands, catcher throwing mechanics

Basketball Drill Diagram: Catcher Quick Hands Drill



Have two cathers face each other kneeling on one or both knees about 15 ft. apart. The catcher receiving the ball gets into ready position.



Have one cather toss a baseball or tennis ball to the catcher in ready position so the catch can be made in front of the catcher. As the ball makes contact with the catcher's mit, the throwing hand quickly covers the ball while putting the fingers on the seams. Without hesitation the catcher throws the ball to the other catcher who is also in ready position.


  1. Start with a tennisball bare handed.
  2. Use a flat training glove.

Coaching Points

  1. Goot catcher form.
  2. Quickness from the catch
  3. Short arm throw.

Soccer Drill Titled: Catcher Quick Hands Drill
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