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Dirt! Baserunning Drill

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A wild pitch that ends up in the dirt can be a great situation to successfully advance a baserunner. This drill will help players read and react to balls that end up in the dirt.

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Basketball Drill Diagram: Dirt! Baserunning Drill



Set up a baserunner at each base. During this drill it is important that each runner is independent of each other since each of the bases have different responsibilities.

Have a coach pitching a variety of mixed pitches. Some pitches should be strikes, some balls, and some pitches that bounce in the dirt.



Anytime the pitcher pitches a ball that bounces, the ENTIRE team should yell "DIRT!"

Each baserunner should read and react to balls in the dirt differently.

FIRST BASE RUNNER: this baserunner should automatically go if they see a pitch that is going to end up in the dirt. If they wait to see if the catcher has caught the ball they have waited too long and will easily be thrown out.

SECOND BASE RUNNER: This baserunner should read the pitch and it will be a later decision that determines whether they advance to the next base or not. If they see that the ball gets away from the catcher, they should go, however, if the catcher block the pitch and knocks the ball down in front of them, the player should not advance.

THIRD BASE RUNNER: This player should read and react to the pitch similarly as the 2nd base runner. He should take a good lead off run and react to the bounce of the ball.


Have the coach attempt to pick off runners every once in a while to make sure the players are stealing the base and running at top speed.

Coaching Points

  • Good lead off
  • read and react to pitch
  • focus on situation and execute properly

Soccer Drill Titled: Dirt! Baserunning Drill
Tagged: Dirt, baserunning, drill, practice, training, dirt baserunning drill
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