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Four-Corner Fitness Drill

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This baseball fitness drill is designed to improve lateral speed and agility.

Baseball Fitness Drill, Baseball Lateral Speed, Baseball Agility

Basketball Drill Diagram: Four-Corner Fitness Drill



Set four cones in a grid 15x15 yards.



To Perform this fitness drill instruct players to complete this baseball fitness drill in this order:

  1. Start at cone 1 and sprint to cone 2. 
  2. Shuffle to cone 3. 
  3. Backpedal to cone 4. 
  4. Shuffle to cone 1. 
  5. Shuffle to cone 3. 
  6. Backpedal to cone 4. 
  7. Sprint to cone 2.


  • none

Coaching Points

  • Quick shuffle
  • Low center of gravity moving laterally
  • Speed

Soccer Drill Titled: Four-Corner Fitness Drill
Tagged: Baseball Fitness Drill, Baseball Lateral Speed, Baseball Agility
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