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Handball Catching Drill

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This drill will help develop hand-eye coordination, footwork, and timing. This is a great drill to work on when learning how to catch. 

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Basketball Drill Diagram: Handball Catching Drill



 This is more of an indivudual catching drill and all you need is a handball ball per player and a wall.



 Have the fielder stand about 3 feet from the wall and toss the handball into the wall. As the ball rebounds from the wall, the fielder should let the ball bounce and slap the ball using the palm of the hand back to the wall again. Instruct the player to move their feet where the ball is always in the center of their body. Try to get 25 taps/slaps in a row.


  If the drill is too difficult to have the players move, have them perform this drill stationary.

Coaching Points

  • Quick foot movement
  • Eyes should watch the ball into the palm of their hand
  • Make sure players get their hand under the flight of the ball quickly
  • Develop a rythem with the feet and hands

Soccer Drill Titled: Handball Catching Drill
Tagged: handball catching, catching drill, baseball catching, learn to catch
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