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Hot Box Baserunning Drill

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This hot-box baserunning drill is a great drill for younger baseball players to help them improve their baserunning skills as well as fielder's throwing to gargets and tagging players.

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Basketball Drill Diagram: Hot Box Baserunning Drill



Place two bases approximately 20-30 feet apart. A fielder should stand at each of the bases. One of the fielders should have a ball. A baserunner wearing a helmet should start at one of the bases.



The fielders trow the ball back and forth as if they are just playing catch. At the baserunner's digression, he quickly sprints to opposite base as if he is stealing a base. If the baserunner get's trapped in between the bases, the fielders try to box the runner in while the baserunner attempts to get to a base.


Make the game into a competition by seeing how many times the player can steal a base in a 1 minute window. Rotate through all 3 players and the player with the most stolen bases wins that round.

Coaching Points


  • good anticipation of the throw and timing of when to leave
  • quick burst of speed staying low
  • sliding to avoid tags
  • escape if getting boxed in by the fielders


  • make strong accurate throws to their target
  • strong tags when tagging the base runner

Soccer Drill Titled: Hot Box Baserunning Drill
Tagged: Hotbox, Hot Box Baserunning, Baserunning Drill, Practice, Training, baseball, baserunning
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