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Outfielder Communication Drill

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This baseball outfield communication drill will help increase communication with outfielders.

Outfielder Communication Drill, baseball outfielder drill

Basketball Drill Diagram: Outfielder Communication Drill



Split the outfielders into two lines in the outfield about 100 ft. apart. Set a cut-off player about 150 ft. from the middle of the two lines. Catcher should be with the coach at home plate.

Assign one line as "center fielders" who will always have the right of way over the other outfielders.



Have a coach hit pop-flys or grounders in between the two lines. The players should call "I've got it" or "Take it". As a fielder fields the ball, the other player takes a back-up position.

The fielder then throws to the cut-off man who returns the throw to the catcher.


  1. hit pop-flys or grounders
  2. move to the right and left fields

Coaching Points

  1. Good commuication - "take it" or "I've got it"
  2. Take good back-up position
  3. Good throw to the cut-off player

Soccer Drill Titled: Outfielder Communication Drill
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