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Pitchers Pickoff Drill

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This pickoff drill focuses on accurate throws when picking off a runner on 1st base.

Pitchers Pickoff Drill

Basketball Drill Diagram: Pitchers Pickoff Drill



Set up an infield with a catcherand 1st baseman.  The pitcher should be on the pitchers mound.  Runners should be on 1st with a normal lead off.



The coach will yell "Pitch" or "Pickoff".  If the coach call "Pitch" the pitcher should pitch a normal pitch to the catcher.  However, if "Pickoff" is called the pitcher should attempt to "pickoff" the 1st base runner.  The runner should attempt to make it back to 1st base safely.


  • move the runner to other base and fill infield players as needed.

Coaching Points

  • Read base-stealing runners
  • Accurate throws to base
  • Movement to base for throwing

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