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Pitching Balance Knee Raise

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This baseball pitching knee raise drill will focus on improving balance during the delivery (knee raise) and improves pitching mechanics.

Pitching Knee Raise, Pitching Balance, Knee Raise Drill

Basketball Drill Diagram: Pitching Balance Knee Raise



Since this is working on pitching mechanics and balance this drill can be done individually or with a partner.



The coach should instruct the pitcher to perform the following pitching mechanics to improve the knee raise:

  1. Start off in a balanced position with the feet and legs shoulder width apart with shoulder pointed to the target.
  2. Shift the weight to the back foot and lift front leg to it's highest point while making a smooth controlled movement.
  3. The pitcher should hold this position until the coach tells him to release.
  4. On coach's command the pitcher should lower the lifted leg to tha point just before it touches the ground and then back up to the lifted position.
  5. Instruct the pitcher to lower his leg again this time to deliver the pitch.


  1. Increase the number of leg lifts before delivering a pitch.
  2. Do it with or without a ball.

Coaching Points

  1. Good controlled body movement.
  2. Good balance.
  3. Proper throwing techniques.

Soccer Drill Titled: Pitching Balance Knee Raise
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