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Pitching Balance - Upper Body Mechanics

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This pitching balance drill will focus on upper body mechanics and balance when developing pitchers.

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Basketball Drill Diagram: Pitching Balance - Upper Body Mechanics



Have players do this drill individually or with a partner.



To start, walk the pitcher through the following upper body mechanics and have the pitcher repeat this motion until they perfect the movements.

Focus on the following pitching mechanics:

  1. Wide comfortable stance in landing position with back foot perpendicular to the target, and front foot pointing to the target.
  2. Weight evenly distributed between each leg.
  3. Shoulders level with glove side shoulder pointed to the target.
  4. Head and eyes level pointed to the target.
  5. Hands together in the middle of their body at chest level.

From this position on the coaches command the pitcher should:

  1. Separate his hands with palms down and continue movement until the elbows are shoulder heigh.
  2. Have pitcher stop and check stance.


  • Add a baseball between partners.

Coaching Points

Check the pitcher's upper body mechanics and pay close attention to:

  1. Make sure throwing hand is on top of the ball.
  2. The ball is facing 2nd base.
  3. Elbows are shoulder heigh

Soccer Drill Titled: Pitching Balance - Upper Body Mechanics
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