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Pitching Body Mechanics

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This tip outlines proper pitching body mechanics.

pitching body mechanics, pitching drills

Soccer Tip Diagram: Pitching Body Mechanics


Here is a quick outline of proper pitching body mechanics:

  1. Start with a wide comfortable stance in landing position with back foot perpendicular to the target, and the front foot should be pointed at the target.
  2. The pitcher's weight should be evenly distributed between each leg.
  3. The pitcher's head and eyes should be pointed to the target.
  4. Make sure each of the shoulder's are level and not off balance.
  5. Both elbows should be at shoulder height.
  6. Palms are down with the thworing hand on top of the ball.
  7. From this position the pitcher should rock back onto the back foot and complete the throwing motion.

Soccer Tip Title: Pitching Body Mechanics
Tagged: pitching body mechanics, pitching drills
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